Brooke Adams is a Cambridge-based artist, who explores the relationship between the digital image and the painting. Her practice predominantly utilises painterly techniques to produce unique images, confronting the agency of the image and the role of the screen in contemporary existence. The final paintings, dubbed Screen Studies, reveal the tension of the screen in producing a solarised being, conflicted between its absence and presence. They fundamentally question our nature of viewing, through the conditions of the digital screen, for their seemingly mutating quality.

Currently, I am in the final year of my BA studying Fine Art. Over the past three years my practice has undergone a number of adaptations. Employing photography, sculpture, installation, printmaking, and painting, my work has consistently been attributed to addressing a number of contemporary social, cultural, and political debates. It addresses the art discourse debate of ‘photography versus painting’; it attempts to define the term image; and it attempts to address the role of the digital within more traditional painterly techniques. As such, my practice has become directly correlated with the controlling aspects of my life - the prevalence of screens and our constant exposure to mass numbers of digital images. It attempts to immortalise contemporary portraits, by painting people as we see them today - through screens. 



2018 - 2021: BA (Hons) Fine Art, Anglia Ruskin University



2021: Awakening. Virtual Exhibition

2021: Present. Virtual Showcase of AHSS students' work at Anglia Ruskin University

2021: Clarity. Coslett Café, Cambridge

2021: Intermission. Virtual Exhibition

2021: current. Virtual Exhibition

2020: Cambridge Wide Open. Motion Sickness Project Space, Cambridge

2020: Subliminal. Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge

2019: Reaction. Cambridge Artworks, Cambridge



2021: Between Painting & Photography: An analysis of the role of the photographic image within selected monochrome paintings by Gerhard Richter. BA (Hons) Dissertation