Flickering 'Screens' Exposure (collaboration with @samueljoshuarichardson)

As a duality within our practices, we were inspired by light to create this photogram collaboration. Recognising similarities between our practices, we found the isolation of the COVID-19 pandemic to be an incentive for us to collaborate to produce an artwork. Working with Sam’s medium of photosensitive paper, I exposed an archive video of my own installation, Flickering ‘Screens’ (2021), displayed on my laptop screen in front of the paper. The process was documented with video and photography, whilst also leaving behind a physical piece, again referencing the archival nature of both of our installation outcomes.

The transportation of the paper support was also a crucial factor in the work. Posted to and from each of us in a translucent, white paper envelope meant that the photosensitive paper was not entirely concealed from light. In this way, when the photosensitive paper reached the recipient each time, it had been ‘marked’ with an exposure of its journey through the postal system.

Having been through the postal system twice, exposed three times by the pair of us, and documented twice, the resulting piece of work reflects on the lack of human contact experienced globally since the commencement of the COVID-19 pandemic. In a world and society where collaborative working has been postponed, this work references the adaptability of our art practices to create an intriguing outcome, reminiscent of both of our practices simultaneously, as an important addition to our oeuvres this year.